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Tell us about you and your idea, if you have one to win a ticket for the 3-day Startup Challenge in Berlin


Until 23.08.2017


Startup Challenge

3 days to build a team, pitch your idea and convince the jury that your team has to be in the DanfossX Bootcamp

1st week Sept.

in Berlin

DanfossX Bootcamp

3 month to validate your idea with the customer, build a proof of concept and get funding from the board

Oct-Dec. 2017

in Berlin

I have a great idea

Until 12.07.2017

I don't have an idea yet

Until 23.08.2017

Have a great idea?

For example, your idea might...

... discover new
customer segments

... create new ways to reach your customers

... enter entirely
new markets

... create new digital value propositions

... disrupt the value chain

Until 12.07.2017

Don't have an idea, yet...

... but you have the entrepreneurial mindset?

Apply as a co-founder, win a ticket for the Startup Challenge and join another team!

Until 23.08.2017

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